Matinee Vluchtstrook of Pitstop 17 juli

Plank gas production  

Stranded on the hard shoulder (or pit stop), they perform hilarious skits, recognizable types and scenes from their own lives.

Bravely, they sing along with the car radio and don't mince words, even to each other.

text, acting and singing: Magali de Frémery, Mechteld Schelberg, Linda Møller

directed by Marjet Moorman

"You can easily see this performance twice" "Plankgas outdoes itself again with this primal performance"


10:30 a.m. start with coffee or tea
11:00 am show
±12.00/12.30 end of show
After the performance there is the opportunity to have a delicious lunch with us.
When the weather is nice, you can sit on the terrace.

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