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Welcome! In a historic, monumental building with an interesting history where hospitality and service are paramount.

A dip into the history provides an interesting picture of the history of the Waag building. Before the building was turned into a city café in 1998, it had already served a long series of diverse functions. Originally, De Waag was a government building where merchandise was weighed. A building used for weighing goods was mentioned as early as 1342, but the first documents that point to the present Waag date from 1539.

The Waag breathes history. You can see it on all floors, in all corners. The Waag also goes back a long way. The first mention of the Weigh House in Delft dates to 1342, but the official papers say 1539.


As an active trading place, Delft is obliged to weigh its merchandise in a city weighhouse. At first in only half of the current building, the other half is purchased by the municipality in 1644. Now there is room for a large scale. That one still hangs in the Waag today, displaying the year 1647.

Downstairs and upstairs

Peat, poultry, vegetables, butter and cheese: the busy trading center below is where many goods are brought in. Also by boat via the back. The guild of goldsmiths and silversmiths was housed upstairs, later succeeded by the doctors' and pharmacists' guild (still visible on a stone on the back wall).

Two buildings become one

In 1770, the Waag undergoes a thorough renovation and the two buildings become visibly one. After the guilds were abolished in 1798, the upper floor became, among other things, a gymnasium and a telephone exchange.

De Waag becomes De Waag!

Around 1960 the last cheeses are weighed in De Waag. Delft then used the building as a bicycle shed and from 1973 as a theater. After a thorough renovation, the current Eetcafé and Restaurant De Waag appears in 1999.

About us

Welcome! In a historic, monumental building with an interesting history where hospitality and service are paramount.

We are located in the center of Delft at the back of the Stadhuis on the Markt. The Station is a short 10 minute walk away and a 5 minute walk from parking garages and hotels.

On the first floor you will find the restaurant. This is open every day for a cup of coffee, a delicious lunch, a cozy drink and a delectable dinner.

Our culinary restaurant is located on the second floor. This is currently only open for groups and parties on request. We also have separate rooms and meeting rooms.

In short: plenty of opportunities and fun guaranteed!

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